Things you shouldn’t say in church

For the last week me and my two little guys have been out of town visiting my parents.  My parents live in north Texas and because my office is mobile we were able to go and see them for awhile and have a vacation. We love to go see my parents and it is always interesting to watch my little guys decide fun things to say at the most inopportune time.

My dad is a pastor of a church in North Texas. I grew up a preacher’s kid so there is a level of expectation that goes along with being from a pastor’s family.  When you grow up in that environment you understand that there are things you just don’t say or do in public, in private, and well really anywhere! I learned at a very early age that there are words that are appropriate, bodily functions that you keep private, and thoughts that are just better kept to yourself.

My guys on the other hand have lived a very different life;  not because I chose that as much as there isn’t a strong disciplinarian in my household to be the enforcer of all necessary rules…like my dad was in our home growing up.  I am not saying that my guys are bad they just don’t really give it a second thought when they need to say something…generally they say what comes into their head.

So, apart from the bodily functions at inappropriate time that was bad enough they decide to announce to whomever is listening what bodily they decided to share.  Then in the middle of church service, while my dad was speaking, my littlest little guy announces with a smile as big as Texas “You have to be 24 to smoke!” I immediately responded, totally mortified, “honey, please sit down and be quiet!” in the nicest mom teeth gritting whisper I could muster up….you know the one where you are smiling but you eyes are telling them you might hurt them if they don’t zip it sooner than later.  This is when he looks at me tilted his head and said in the nicest teeth gritting loud kid whisper he said “JUST SAYIN MOM!”

Thankfully everyone there loves us but I am sure most of those who heard this little conversation coming from the 2nd row, who sits on the 2nd row with a 4 year old ….I have no idea, thought “Bless her heart!” We all know what that means….so I just kept my head down and waited for the service to end when I could quickly get him to the car and have a discussion about when it is appropriate to offer Public Service Announcements! Church is not the place!

We will go back and hopefully we will pack a few more manners next time! 🙂





Their Math

We are20ish days away from school starting.  This is bittersweet news for most of us.  I know that at the beginning of the summer I was very much stressed about all the time I would need to fill up for my little guys…which I must say went pretty good!

The summer at some points felt like it would never end and there were some days that I swear I was living in the twilight zone. Then there were other days  that just flew by and now I am thinking we didn’t have enough of a summer.

All of the things I had stressed over wasn’t really that big of a deal…what I didn’t stress over was the things I should have at least thought about.  From now on I am going to have a kid focus group before holiday and summer break….I think their input would help because when they don’t like what they are doing they just won’t do it…..that is a losing battle I will prepare better for next time.

The other day we were in my car on our way to visit Granny and Papaw.  We were casually talking about school and my littlest little guy blurts out “I just CAN’T go to kindergarten…please don’t make me…I am not ready!”

Being the overly concerned helicopter mother that I am couldn’t believe that he was not more than thrilled to be going to Kindergarten….how did I miss this????  I ask him “honey, why don’t you want to go to Kindergarten?” He responded “I just can’t go! I don’t know THEIR math!”

What do you mean you don’t know THEIR math??? We have been practicing their math for months…I have flash cards…we have been doing addition and subtraction until I dream about it….how could he not possibly be ready because of math?!?!?

I assure him that he knows their math and will do great in Kindergarten! In the very next breath he said to me “Ok, I will go to Kindergarten but at least I will be home with you half the day so you won’t be alone! We can watch Mickey Mouse like last time I was a Pre-K’er!” Sirens in my head go off because I knew I was about to have to explain that he wasn’t coming home after half a day…he was staying…there was no more afternoon Mickey Mouse for us!

I began trying to explain to him that he would go all day to school this year but he was just not having it…..It is going to be a rough couple of weeks when school starts…I have started the prayer chain for his teacher; he isn’t going to like the idea that she is holding him hostage all day when he should be home with me watching Mickey!

I was very glad that he moved on to a different topic because that could have gone way worse and I am sure it will before school starts!  For now I am battling the internal struggle of sadness the summer is over and the excitement that summer is over! I really like my guys being around and just when it is getting good it is over….on the flip side of that sad to see summer go thought I am going to have NO KIDS around all day every day in less than 20 days!!!!! I think I may have a party and invite no one under 35.

I am sure the sad feelings will pass quickly…when I say quickly I really mean like 1 minute after the bus drives away and I bask in the complete quiet of my home office for at least 6 glorious hours!

So, for the next 19ish days….until that wonderful day they step onto that big yellow school bus…. we will continue practicing THEIR math so he is prepared for Kindergarten and try to prepare him for the thought that just maybe he will like to stay all day and learn more math!!

Good night!








Just Breathe

Yoga is not for the faint at heart! On Friday my workout buddy and I decided to try yoga.  I had never tried yoga before so I thought it might be a good option for me.  I had all these ideas about how it was going to be and none of those ideas remotely resembled what actually happened.

I really thought yoga was a bunch of sitting still breathing with some stretching. …this was only half true.  I also thought everyone would be old and fit making me feel very out of place…this also not true.  As I began this yoga class it quickly went from nice easy breathing/stretching to torture and body convulsion.  I had NO IDEA that YOGA could be hard and painful.

At one point we were sitting in chairs that didn’t exist with our legs crossed…who does this? There was a whale something or other that I think may have broken a few bones in my back.  My favorite by far, that I won’t probably ever be able to do, was where their knees were resting in their arm pits while standing on their hands rocking back and forth….it was a Crow or some kind of bird name….most of the people took option 1 and 2 which were both resting face down on their mat.

What I want to know is who comes up with this stuff?  Who really sits around thinking “I wonder if I can put my knees on in my arm pits while standing on my hands rocking? Or “I think I will make all my friends stand on one hand while holding the opposite foot in the air behind their backs all with eyes closed and on tippy toes.”

I will go back but it might take a while before I can even get “resting child” pose down much less “downward dog.” Yes those are actual things.  One thing I must say is you muscles are shaking and you are sweating like crazy but I was able to go the full hour unlike Zumba…I will make it through Zumba very soon!!! It is a process and all that matters is progress or at least that is what I am telling myself.

Y’all have a great night!




Sad goodbyes

Today I say goodbye to my baby house and it is hard to let it go. A few months ago when all the rain hit Houston the baby house was flooded.  I didn’t realize how hard this was going to be.

Image result for cartoon rv getting towed

Several months ago I had started working again and made the decision to move back to the city for awhile but was never able to move my stuff out of the baby house because that felt too permanent.  I was holding on to the baby house and I am not sure if it was because it held so many amazing memories in this journey I am on or if it was just because  if nothing else I had that.

This was my one place that was totally mine and I knew I could always retreat there if ever I needed a place to go.  There were times that it was hard and the bathroom situation was irritating but all the memories there were good….even the hard times were not hard in comparison to past many years.

As I was packing up the stuff that was not ruined, which wasn’t much, I just had the sweetest thoughts of all of the adventures we shared.  I almost feel like I need to have a good bye old friend kind of ceremony but now it is too late.  I am sure I will buy another baby house in the near future but for now I am letting go of my comfort zone….my safe space…..I have to say this is by far the hardest place to let go of in my adult life.




Hot mess momma


Nothing could ever prepare you for a phone call like I got one year ago today.  I was headed to work when my ex husband called me to tell me they were taking my oldest son to the hospital because he had passed out.  I immediately turned around and headed to meet them.

There had been several months that my oldest son was working very hard, working out a lot, taking a lot of classes in college, he was losing weight and seemed to be staying under the weather, he just couldn’t shake whatever this was. The weekend prior to this morning he had helped with yard work at his Nana’s house, he is such a good young man, so we thought maybe he had gotten dehydrated.

Nothing could have prepared us for what came next.  The doctor came in and said “I believe you have diabetes.” Up to this point I knew very little about diabetes but I did know some, however, I didn’t think there was a high possibility of it being Type 1 because he was 20 years old at the time.  The doctor could not tell us what kind but he did say he believed it was a high probability of it being Type 1.

There would be weeks after this filled with tests and doctor appointments until we ultimately did get his diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.   Many people with the best intentions told us stories of their grandparents/parents who have thrived with diabetes or in fact had bad out comes. There were other people who offered home remedies and diet plans.  It got to the point that I was so angry that people wanted to “share” their cures for this incurable disease and I wanted to punch them in the face.  Talking to my friend about this one day she helped me understand that people mean well, however, there is just not enough public education surrounding Diabetes and the differences in the types.

Through this whole process my son has been the one that has stayed calm and done everything by the book…can’t say the same about me unfortunately….I have been irrational, hot headed, a hot mess, and not very nice to some people….not that I meant to but this is scary!  If you or someone you love show any warning signs get checked, there are so many missed diagnosis that we are losing our kids to the horrible disease at a rate faster than I want to even think about.  This is not a little kid disease, you can be Type 1 diabetic at any age.  Get informed and watch for the signs it could save someone you love’s life.

We pray daily for a miracle and a cure but most importantly we pray that he has the tools in place and people around him to make this incurable disease a bit less challenging.  Thankfully God has put amazing people in our lives that also have Type 1 kids that share their experiences and wisdom so we don’t have to battle this alone or in the dark.

Have a good day!




The past few days I have been so busy I haven’t posted much….I have missed my babble sessions online with you!

I have always tried to come up with creative ways to entertain my guys while getting stuff done…kind of multi tasking super sized.  One of my favorite things to do is coupon…I haven’t had much time to do this lately…one things my guys like is to go bounce at the near by trampoline park.  So, I thought about it awhile back and came up with the perfect solution.

It is sad when the people at the trampoline park know you and know that you are about to take up one of their long tables for two hours….not because of a bunch of kids but for only you and a huge haul of coupons.

I understand that I am creating a lot of negative attention or even strange looks from people…I am okay with that …..you do what you have to do to get done what you need done.  I can spend two hours of complete noisy silence and get so much accomplished.

Here is what you do….you get you millions of coupons piled neatly according to like coupons, you get your paper cutter, cut the like coupons, make nice neat stacks in the order you see necessary for easy filing, and you file them in a box or binder…your choice.  The end of the table works great for a trash..you take tape and a trash bag as to cut down on paper pileup syndrome and minimizes clean up time.  Once you have everything neatly cut and organized it is a breeze to file them in your binder.

BAM!!!! Couponing made easy!!!  You’re welcome.. this should totally become a thing.  I think instead of birthday parties they should host couponing parties…this place is perfect for the coupon queens of my area! Just imagine two uninterrupted hours of time to get something accomplished…yes I said accomplished, I never get anything completely accomplished except at the trampoline park…they should install laundry facilities I would stay all day!

Have a good night!